Registrations Now Open for 2020!

Coaches and Managers

If you have any queries regarding the 2019 Season, do not hesitate to contact:

Helen Allen
Manager Coordinator:

Jess Buckels
Temporary Coaching Coordinator:

The following list will soon be updated for 2020 Season.

Auskick Pre Primary

Coach Dan Tate
Coach Mel Newcombe
Manager Rishta Sura

Auskick Year 1

Coach Keanan Thayer
Coach Dennis Agapitos
Manager Amy Rullo

Auskick Year 2

Co-Coach Ben Staples
Co-Coach Matt Santich
Co-Coach Matt Tuohy
Co-Coach Dan Stinton
Manager Georgina Santich

Year 3 Magpies

Coach Eric Maroni
Manager AnnMarie John

Year 4 White

Coach Anthony Haywood
Assistant Coach Brendon Brodie Hall
Assistant Coach Ross Richardson
Manager Teresa Ogden

Year 4 Black

Coach Brad Wira
Assistant Coach Clayton Joyce
Assistant Coach Chris Rimmer
Manager Vania Flood

Year 5 Magpies

Coach Jake Coats
Assistant Coach Calvin Ko
Manager Holly Landers

Year 6 Magpies

Coach Bart Smith
Assistant Coach Scott Harvey
Support Brad Williams
Manager Claire Bellamy

Year 7 Magpies

Co Coach Simeon Botsis
Co Coach Michael Saunders
Assistant Coach Tim Doyle
Manager Simone Duplock

Year 8 Magpies

Coach Anthony Haywood
Assistant Coach Will Burbury
Assistant Coach Brad Williams
Manager Helen Allen

Year 9 Magpies

Coach Angus Robertson
Assistant Coach Stuart Duplock
Assistant Coach Cameron Considine
Manager Kevin Balloch

Youth Girls Y5-Y6

Coach Conor Sayer
Assistant Coach Dean Haddow
Manager Kathy Rogers
Co Manager Shelly Osborne

Youth Girls Y7-Y8

Coach Jonathon Bowman
Assistant Coach Joe Sara
Manager Joanne Fredrickson
Co Manager Angelica Iomma

Youth Girls Y9-Y11 Black

Coach Andrew Elisseou
Co Coach Vacant
Manager Jodie Schell

Youth Girls Y9-Y11 White

Coach Dale Walsh
Co Coach Vacant
Manager Kylie Sulivan