Wembley Junior Football Club - Registrations Now Open 2019


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General Club Resources

   WJFC Policies and Guidelines (174 KB)

  Risk Management for Football Clubs (AFL Club Management Program) (1096 KB)

  WJFC - Member Protection Declaration (530 KB)

  Nomination for Appointment of Committee Member (349 KB)

  Wembley Junior Football Club Constitution 2019 (459 KB)

Coaching Resources

  2018 Junior Club Manual 2018 Junior Club Manual (5741 KB)

  Junior and Youth AFL Playing Positions (37 KB)

  2018 Auskick Rules Flowchart (108 KB)

  2018 Year 3 Rules Flowchart(136 KB)

  2018 Years 4 and 5 Rules Flowchart (177 KB)

  2018 Year 6 Rules Flowchart(175 KB)

  2018 Years 7 and 8 Rules Flowchart (210 KB)

  Guidelines for Coaches (630 KB)

Manager Resources

  Tips for Photo Day (38 KB)

  Numbered Cards for Photo Day (251 KB)

  Medical History Form (25 KB)

  Parents and Spectators Code of Conduct (527 KB)

  WJFC The Role of Team Manager AUSKICK PP-Y2 (327 KB)

  Role of Team Manager: Junior/Youth Y3-Y12 (104 KB)

  Application for Clearance to play (383 KB)

  The Management of Injuries and Medical Emergencies (228 KB)

  Injury Reporting Form (54 KB)

  Team Kit Bag Checklist (249 KB)

Concussion Documents

Following the introduction of the new concussion management guidelines for AFL matches, the AFL Medical Officers Association has produced guidelines for community football. The guidelines are for trainers, first-aid providers, coaches, umpires, club officials and parents and should be understood and followed by all parties for the benefit and welfare of the players.
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